Copyright Bob Moricz
"Moricz's films contain an amazing shitload -- and I mean shitload -- of atmospheres, flavours and smells."
- Guy Maddin, director of "The Saddest Music In The World"

“Bob's unflushed cinematic delights of congealed atrocities refuse a number 2 numerical classification.”
- George Kuchar, director of "Hold Me While I'm Naked"

"Like the early films of John Waters (think Pink Flamingos or Female Trouble), Bob Moricz’s work is irreverent, uncouth, and lots of fun."
- Jon Lewis, editor Cinema Journal
BM. Do not hold your nose upon seeing those initials, for they signify a remarkable human being. This human dynamo is, of course, a filmmaker of some renown who sports an extensive imdb resume. Not only is he is a father (some say dad) but he's a wearer of glasses. A man who prefers the beach to the mountains. A gentleman who is a friend to both Sasquatch and Rondo Hatton. Daringly, he has been known to put both Sammygate and Revenge of the Hamburgers on his cinephile lists. And remains unafraid to list Maude, Boner Patrol and Live Wire Access Sacramento amongst his television viewing pleasures. This is a man with 795 friends and a mysterious, equally-bespectacled love that goes by the rarefied moniker of 'Jessica'...facts not to be scoffed at. This is a man bold enough to declare "TikTok is horseshit." This is...a man. And he dares to walk the mean streets of Sacramento with nary a bodyguard nor can of mace. So let us raise our bejeweled goblets to BOB MORICZ ... even if you have difficulty pronouncing the name. As the wondrous Bob would tell his younger self, "Don't worry about it." Have words of greater import ever been spoken?

- Jimmy McDonough author of The Ghastly One: The 42nd Street Netherworld of Director Andy Milligan