"Moricz's films contain an amazing shitload -- and I mean shitload -- of atmospheres, flavours and smells."
- Guy Maddin
"Like the early films of John Waters (think Pink Flamingos or Female Trouble), Bob Moricz’s work is irreverent, uncouth, and lots of fun."
- Jon Lewis, editor Cinema Journal
"Bob Moricz's CHARLEMAGNE!!! is rad! Check it out!"
- Jon Moritsugu
“Bob's unflushed cinematic delights of congealed atrocities refuse a number 2 numerical classification.”
- George Kuchar
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“Bob is a gutsy, no bullshit director…”
- James DePaolo, wicked
“… a heaving gob of punk snot that looks like something Jack Smith swallowed and then regurgitated onto James Fotopoulos’ filthy kitchen floor.”

- Chris Stamm, Willamette Week
“Bob Moricz is a true cinematic pioneer.”

- Mike Everleth, The Underground Film Journal
“… the worst movie I’ve ever seen.”
- Courtney Ferguson, Portland Mercury
“Prolific Bob Moricz, whose scabrous video productions carry on the lurid underground moviemaking legacy of Andy Milligan and the Kuchar brothers… freakish, wrong and weirdly compelling stuff.”
- Stan Hall, The Oregonian
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tastethebloodofdracula [at] hotmail dot com
"John Waters on acid"

- Jason Krueger
Beneath TheUnder-
“[a] constant, exuberant feeling of invention at work, spilling all over the frame.”

- Gary Morris, Bright Lights Film Journal
“… one of my favorite people in the world”
- Joshua Allen,
“…the work of filmmakers such as Jeff Krulik, Usama Alshaibi, Bob Moricz, Aryan Kaganof and Carlos Atanes deserve as much serious analysis as Welles, Spielberg, Hawks, Coppola and Nolan.”

- Mike Everleth, The Underground Film Journal

Bob Moricz
2016 - 2017
"... haunting, so brilliant--like David Lynch, but with more twisted genius."

- Nora Titone, author of My Thoughts Be Bloody: The Bitter Rivalry Between Edwin and John Wilkes Booth That Led to an American Tragedy
the world's premiere psychotronic underground filmmaker
and outsider rock musician
"I've got twenty bucks. I throw a bunch of junk in a sack and go out and shoot an awesome movie."

-Bob Moricz
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